Master of Physical Land Resources Engineering Scholarships

Master of Physical Land Resources Engineering Scholarships

Master of Physical Land Resources Scholarships: The main subject in Land Resources Engineering offers training in non-agricultural use and application of soil, and includes geotechnical aspects (use of soil as building material or for foundations, slope stability and stability of excavations), the role of soil water and groundwater for water management and supply, and soil management in relation to environment and land use (erosion, sediment transport, coastal development and protection).

It offers a fixed package of courses, all organised at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. All courses have a theoretical and a practical part. Some courses include fieldwork and may be supplemented with excursions.

The first year programme provides for informative and interdisciplinary seminars that allow students to participate actively and work independently. The thesis (second year) must be defended orally, in public before a jury.

Admission requirements:

  • Must be proficient in the language of the course or training programme, i.e. English. With the exception of those who have a diploma (Secondary Education, Academic Bachelor Degree, Master Degree) issued by an institution officially recognized by the Flemish Government, applicants must be able to prove their proficiency in English.
  • Have a basic science training in (1) Mathematics or Statistics and (2) Chemistry or Biochemistry, and an overall academic education background in a relevant discipline like Agriculture, Biology, Forestry, Environment, Land and Water Management, Physical Geography, Geology or Civil Engineering.
  • Relevant research or working experience of about 2 years is recommended but not a prerequisite, unless the former field of study (degree obtained) was not directly relevant for or pertaining to soil science or land resources engineering.

    Each application will be evaluated by a board of admission of the specific programme and has to be approved by the Faculty Council and by the Rector’s office.

For more information and Scholarship application, see: Master of Physical Land Resources Scholarships

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