Master Scholarships in Dance Knowledge

Master Scholarships in Dance Knowledge

Master Scholarships in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage; Choreomundus is an international master in dance knowledge, practice, and heritage.


Choreomundus investigates dance and other movement systems (ritual practices, martial arts, games and physical theatre) as Intangible Cultural Heritage within the broader contexts of Ethnochoreology, the Anthropology of Dance, Dance Studies, and Heritage Studies.

The programme is offered by a consortium of four universities recognised for their leadership in the development of innovative curricula for the analysis of dance.

Choreomundus focuses on fieldwork and formal analysis of movement, and engages with a variety of theoretical and methodological frameworks. The programme develops an appreciation of dance that is comparative, cross-cultural, applied, and embodied, and gives students the tools for making sense of intangible heritage within a culturally diverse world.

The programme aims to provide practical skills to observe, analyse, document, and evaluate dances. It will equip students to analyse dance as knowledge, practice and heritage and to promote different modes of knowledge transmission adapted to local contexts.

A broader aim is to equip students for global challenges and cultural encounters. Employment opportunities exist worldwide within higher education and research, heritage and tourist industries, local and national agencies and public bodies which deal with safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Applicants should hold a undergraduate first degree in Dance, Anthropology or related subjects, or equivalent professional experience. The primary language of instruction is English, and an introduction to French, Norwegian, and Hungarian is provided.

In the first semester all students start in Norway for induction and an intensive course. For the rest of the first academic year, they are divided between NTNU Trondheim and UBP Clermont-Ferrand, and then spend their third semester in Hungary, and the fourth and final semester in the UK. Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a joint Masters degree from all four universities.

Choreomundus Master Scholarships

Choreomundus Master Scholarships gives the individual student a monthly allowance of 1.000 Euros for living expenses for 24 months. Tuition fees and other costs are covered in addition to the allowance and not paid by students directly.

A contribution to travel and installation costs are granted in addition:The total is 2.500 Euros per year per scholarship holder whose location is less than 4000 km away from the coordinating institution (NTNU, Norway). The total is 3.500 Euros per year per scholarship holder whose location is 4000 km or more away from the coordinating institution (NTNU, Norway).

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