McAfee School of Theology International Tuition Grants

McAfee School of Theology International Tuition Grants

McAfee School of Theology International Tuition Grants: Each year, the McAfee School of Theology will offer two tuition grants to international students who are coming to McAfee on an F-1 visa.


International students who want to be considered for one of these tuition awards must have their application files completed no later than January 15 (including the affidavitof support) prior to the upcoming Fall term.

International students who receive a grant must also show evidence of $12,000 in annual living expenses.

This guarantee must be in the form of personal funds available in a bank or that of a sponsor.

Please be aware that these expenses are for one year only and you should have sponsorship or personal funds to support you during the entire course of study.

In addition, we require that the student or sponsor(s) deposit $6,000 into the student’s account at Mercer University by July 1 of the year they plan to attend.

The student or sponsor(s) will also be required to deposit another $6,000 by January 15 of the following semester.

The university will then distribute $1,000 per month to the student for living expenses. This process will continue during the student’s tenure at McAfee.

McAfee has a stewardship responsibility with regard to grant funds.

Students who are on an F-1 Visa and are not able to meet these obligations will jeopardize their grant from the University.

For more information and application, visit: McAfee School of Theology International Tuition Grants


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