Olive Stone Law School Scholarships

Olive Stone Law School Scholarships

Olive Stone Law School Scholarships: A scholarship fund has been established at London School of Economics under the terms of a bequest to the School by Dr Olive Stone, a former member of the Law Department.

The purpose of the fund is to offer scholarships of a sufficient value to enable female students of 25 years and over who would not otherwise be able to do so to study at the School.

Priority is given to female students who are 25 years and over.

There have not been sufficient funds available for awards to be made to applicants outside these priority groups in previous years.

The scholarship is open to prospective law students and law students already registered at the London School of Economics.

One or more scholarships may be offered at the discretion of the selection committee.

The value of the scholarship will be determined by the selection committee.

The scholarship is tenable for one year in the first instance, subject to the award-holder registering as a student of the London School of Economics.

The scholarship may be renewed subject to re-application by the student; such renewal applications must be made in writing.

Students who apply to have their award renewed will normally be interviewed by the Panel.

Renewal is subject to good academic progress and continuing financial need.

Closing date for applications and renewals is normally 1 May.

For more information and application, see: Olive Stone Law School Scholarships – Scholarship grants – College scholarship

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