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Polytechnic of Namibia COLL Centers

Polytechnic of Namibia COLL Centers

The Namibia University of Science and Technology is proud to announce the successful establishment of its own network of Regional Centres. The NUST Regional Centres provide convenient locations, more space and comfort than before, and much-improved facilities, equipment, library resources and access to reliable information and communication technology. The Regional Centres reflect the NUST’s technological and innovative leadership and provide the most conducive distance-learning environment and facilities in Namibia.
A fully-fledged range of all the necessary administrative and academic support services are available at the newly established Regional Centres of the NUST.
The Regional Centres have resources to help you, as a distance learning student, to be successful in your studies. Regional Coordinators can assist you with registration, accept payment of fees, furnish information on exam time tables, administer exams, and offer administrative support.
Conducive study facilities, library resources, Internet access and provision of face-to-face/weekend tutorials when the demand is sufficient, are also available at the Regional Centres.

Examination Centres

NUST regional students may sit for their examinations at the NUST Regional Centres, Mariental Teachers’ Resource Centre, Luderitz Community Library, Oranjemund NAMDEB Technical College, and the Karasburg Teachers’ Resource Centre and in Rosh Pinah.
Please visit the Centre nearest you. Below is a list of Regional Centres and contact information.

Regional Centre: Contact:


Erf 919, Quinto Cuanavale Avenue
Ms. E. Van Wyk P.O Box 1043, GOBABIS
Tel: (062) 564 071 Fax:(062) 564 183
Email: evanwyk@nust.na (link sends e-mail)

 Katima Mulilo:

Erf No 1 Dr. Sam Nuyoma/Malena Street Choto Market
 Mr. Christopher Madyaao P.O Box 281, KATIMA MULILO
Tel: (066) 252 388 Fax: (066) 252 202
Email: cmadyaao@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Erf 313 No.7,5th Avenue, Luchtenstein Str.
Mr. Antonio Stuurmann P.O Box 1780, KEETMANSHOOP
Tel: (063) 221 033 Fax: (063) 222 051
Email: astuurmann@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Erf 6235 MVA Fund Service Centre
Ms. Julia Matengu P.O Box 3335, OSHAKATI
Tel: (065) 231 276 Fax: (065) 231 277
Email: jmatengu@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Mbombijazo Avenue, Ministry of Education
Building, Teachers Resource Centre
P.O Box 122, OPUWO Putwavanga Junior Secondary School
Tel: (065) 272 965 Fax: (065) 272 967


Erf 1157, Bahnhof Street
  Ms. Gwendoline Beukes P.O Box 607, OTJIWARONGO
Tel: (067) 301 149 Fax: (067) 301 290
Email: gbeukes@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Erf 1766, Central Business District, Ngoma Street
 Mr. Festus Shimhulu P.O Box 793, OUTAPI
Tel: (065) 251 368 Fax: (065) 251 369
Email: fshimhulu@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Erf 452, Independence Avenue
 Mr. Charles Lushu NAMCOL Regional Office
Tel: (066) 255 270 P.O Box 217, RUNDU
Fax: (066) 255 379 Email: clushu@nust.na (link sends e-mail)


Erf 69, Old Ongopolo Head Office
Mr. Menason Katjirua No 70, Main Street
Tel: (067) 220 483 P.O Box 463, TSUMEB
Fax: (067) 220 647 Email mkatjirua@nust.na (link sends e-mail)

 Walvis Bay:

Erf 3033, Narraville Municipal Offices
Mr. Lukas Shikulo Koraal Street, Narraville
Tel: (064) 203 603 P.O Box 8011, WALVIS BAY
Fax: (064) 209 715 Email: lshikulo@nust.na (link sends e-mail)

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