Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Applications are welcome from well-qualified graduates working in any field of law for Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PTAs) at Birmingham Law School.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PTAs) take up their positions on or soon after 1 September.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PTAs) are students working towards a PhD who carry out up to 75 hours of small group teaching of undergraduates on Birmingham Law School’s LLB programmes.

The School provides the following financial benefits for its PTAs:


  • Payment of fees for the period of registration (up to a maximum of the current home/EU student rate), normally not exceeding three years
  • Payment of £12,300 pa; this figure is made up of an annual maintenance grant (£10,425) as well as payment for small group teaching (£1,875).International students are eligible to apply.Follow the links below for more details and applicationcontacts.

Applications should be received not later than 23 May.

Further enquiries may be addressed to: Prab Sahota, Postgraduate Administrator by post at the Birmingham Law School, or Tel: 0121 414 6289 or Fax: 0121 414 3585 or E-mail: law-research[at]

For further details, and application materials, contact: Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

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