Reebok Human Rights Award

Reebok Human Rights Award

Reebok Human Rights Award: The Reebok Human Rights Award recognizes young activists who have made significant contributions to human rights causes through nonviolent means.

The Award aims to generate positive international attention for the recipients and to support their efforts.

Since 1988, more than 84 recipients from over 38 countrieshave received the award.

Honorees, who are 30 years of age or younger, receive a $50,000 grant from the Reebok Human Rights foundation to further their work.

Nominees are submitted from around the world by prominent individuals in the human rights community and by non-governmental organizations.

Recipients are selected by the Reebok Human Rights Board of Advisors.


  • Award candidates must be 30 years of age or younger
  • Award candidates cannot advocate violence or belong to an organization that advocates violence.
  • Award candidates must be working on an issue that directly relates to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Women and men of all races, ethnic groups, nationalities and religions are eligible.
  • The Award is given to an individual, based on that individual’s personal achievement and commitment.Guidelines for Nominations:A complete nomination includes the following:
  • Completed application form Letter of nomination Three letters of reference for the candidate, in addition to the nomination letter.
  • Letters of recommendation should highlight why the individual is being recommended for the award and how long the nominator has been aware of the individual’s contributions.
  • The candidate’s personal information on family background and history of human rights work should be included.
  • Nominators must specify whether the Award candidate has received or is currently nominated for other human rights awards.
  • Provide translations in English, if possible, of any materials submitted that are not in English, French, or Spanish.

Deadline: May.

For more information and application, visit: Reebok Human Rights Award Website

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