Scholarship for study in Finland

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Scholarship for study in Finland

Scholarship for study in Finland: CIMO awards and administers scholarships for international students, postgraduate students (after Master-level), researchers (postgraduates after Master-level degree or postdoctorates), teachers and administrational staff of universities.

An average of 700 persons come to Finland under the various scholarship programmes every year.

By offering scholarships, CIMO supports the internationalisation of teaching and research by forging links and encouraging academic mobility between institutions of higher education in Finland and abroad.

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Scholarships are offered to applicants from all countries.

There are several scholarship programmes, each of which has its own eligibility criteria, application procedures, application deadline and application form.

A scholarship normally consists of a monthly allowance.

The amount of a scholarship varies according to the scholarship programme and the academic qualifications of the applicant.

Scholarship for Study in Finland – Start-up Finance for Young PhD Students and Researchers

CIMO offers start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers. These are not full scholarships, for example, they can not be applied to cover a whole PhD.

Rather, they are intended to work as start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers, who are yet to be invited to a Finnish university and who do not have a long post-Master’s research career behind them.

However, the CIMO scholarships are also applicable to those who have, for example, been accepted into a Doctoral degree programme, even though they can not cover the whole time it takes to complete a PhD.

The extent of the scholarship programmes varies from three (3) months to an academic year.

If you are granted a CIMO scholarship, and your studies or research continue in Finland after your initial CIMO scholarship period is over, you should plan ahead and also research into other funding possibilities.

For further details, and application materials, contact: Scholarship for Study in Finland

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