SJUT Fees Structure 2016 / 2017

SJUT Fees Structure 2016 / 2017

St. John’s University of Tanzania Fees Structure

Since the specialized courses of Information Technology and Health System Management are done from the second year then added cost is compounded as a result of high cost of teaching facilities relating directly to these two programs.
NB: All fees may be revised from time to time as per Council approval

  1. Application fee shall be TZS 30,000/=
  2. Among compulsory charges; there shall be TZS 10,000/= to be paid by every student to cover for first aid medical services. Together with medical charges recovered through insurance fund, both shall be deposited into special account to be used exclusively for improving health services-delivering at SJUT Dispensary.
  3. Graduates pay no deposit for graduation gown but shall pay a penalty of TZS 15,000/= per day for late return, payable to SJUT INCOME Account. Graduates must return gowns on time and intact; damaged gowns shall incur a fine of TZS 100,000/=.
  4. Graduation gowns must be returned intact with utmost good faith in order to be cleared to receive certificates.
  5. Library Annual Membership charges for non-SJUT students or staff shall be TZS 50,000/=.Library fine for overdue materials are TZS 500/= per day.
  6. Charge for provisional results is TZS 10,000/= per request.
  7. Charge for issuing a duplicate final certificate and transcript is TZS 30,000/=, with formal announcement of loss to general public.
  8. Charge for authenticating copies of academic transcripts is TZS 30,000/=, for up to ten copies.
  9. Charge for any appeal is TZS 20,000/= per subject.
  10. Charge for Special/Supplementary exams is TZS 20,000/= per session.
  11. Postponement of studies fee shall incur a TZ 20,000/= fee, payable at the time of lodging the request.
  12. Charge for replacement for Lost Student ID Card or Exam Card is TZS 10,000/=.
  13. Students required to pay non-compulsory charges, such as appeal fees, special/supplementary examination fees, Lost ID or Exam Card fee, Library fines, Graduation gown penalty, provisional result charge, duplicate certificate charges, dispensary/medical charges, etc. shall be invoiced, so those charges along compulsory charges may be cleared through the University bank accounts listed above.
  14. Neither the SJUT Library nor Dispensary shall accept cash for charges which result from library fines or medical services. Instead, those units shall raise invoices as noted in item t above.
  15. Students are required  to pay tuition fees on time within two weeks after opening the semester but when student delay to pay within two weeks are supposed to pay penalty of 50,000/ then within next two week are supposed to pay 100,000/ fail to that students are supposed to postponding

Students must clear all fees, including situational charges to be eligible to sit for University Examinations




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