Sokoine University of Agriculture SUA BSU – Short Course Announcement

Sokoine University of Agriculture SUA BSU – Short Course Announcement

Integrated Crop-Livestock-Aquaculture Biosystems

Offered December 05 to 09, 2016 at SUA Main Campus

Learning Outcomes:

Analyse social-economic and environmental challenges pertaining to Crop-Livestock–Aquaculture biosystems and their solutions

Advise on the management of social-economic and environmental challenges pertaining to Crop- Livestock–Aquaculture biosystems

Design a sustainable integrated Crop-Livestock–Aquaculture enterprise by means of an interdisciplinary approach

Apply principles of climate smart agriculture to improve the sustainability of Crop-Livestock–Aquaculture biosystems

Course Contents:

Identification and evaluation of factors affecting integrated crop-livestock-aquaculture biosystems for farm productivity and environmental sustainability; Frameworks and strategies for integrating crop-livestock- aquaculture biosystems for economic, diversification, integration, environmental and social benefits; Climate smart agriculture for integrated biosystems; Management and economics of integrated crop-livestock biosystems; Globalization of agriculture and its challenges and opportunities for agroecological production including organic farming.





Introduction and excursion to Animal, Aquaculture Farms

Systems theory


Understanding and analysing mass, nutrient and economic flows in an integrated


o Defining systems- elements and boundaries

o Building relevant internal and external flows

o Methods to estimate forage intake and crop yields in practical farming

systems, Examples of research


Management and optimization of integrated systems

o Interaction between the production and the decision making system


o Plan, control and actions – operative management

o Indicators, values, perceptions


Environmental and resource efficiency assessment of integrated systems

o Regional and global challenges

o Methods and tools at farm level

o Methods and tools at product level (life cycle assessment methodology)

o Define a relevant research question (groups of 2-3) and scientific aim


Development of project proposal-set up, data collection, methods for assessment

Course evaluation

Practical Skills:

Modelling the compartment of a production unit with focus on detailed characteristics of the compartments; Analysis and assessment of case studies using real farm data; Design and management of crop, livestock and aquaculture enterprises for economic viability; Assessment of impact of inputs used in integrated production systems


SUA-Postgraduate students and academic members of staff. There is an upper limit of 15 participants. Priority will be given to PhD students. Female participants are encouraged to apply.


Prof. John Erik Hermansen, Troels Kristensen from Denmark in Collaboration with SUA academic members of Staff

How to Apply

Interested participants should submit their applications with a justification for the need to participate (by email) to the BSU II Project – Agro ecology focus area to Dr. Anthony Sangeda, email address: and copy to Prof John Hermansen at

The course will start with an excursion to Animal and Aquaculture Farms in Morogoro Municipality

Deadline for application: 01 December, 2016.

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