SUA Call for application for short-term placements for MSc , PhD and Staff mobility support at SUA, MUHAS, UG & UNZA

SUA Call for application for short-term placements for MSc , PhD and Staff mobility support at SUA, MUHAS, UG & UNZA

About the EOHMOB project

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) based in Morogoro, Tanzania; Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; University of Ghana (UG), based in Accra, Ghana; University of Zambia (UNZA), based in Lusaka, Zambia; and University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) based in Maputo, Mozambique, through a joint project titled ‘Enhancing

Community of Practice in One Health for Infectious Diseases through Postgraduate Training- EOHMOB’ secured funding under the INTRA-ACP Mobility Scheme to support postgraduate training at MSc and PhD level in programmes tenable in Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Ghana. This INTRA-ACP mobility scheme is funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (AECEA) of the European Union Commission.

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to build African capacities in the discipline of infectious diseases of humans and animals through adoption of one health principles in postgraduate training. This scheme is for candidates (85% of the training slots) from Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Ghana (Target Group 1- TG1) wishing to pursue postgraduate training in the form of either short-term placements (minimum of 6 months) or long-term/degree mobility for those wishing to follow whole programmes in project partner countries other than their own. The scheme also supports training (15% of the slots) for candidates from other countries (Target Group 2- TG2) and mobility of administrative and technical staff between partner institutions to undertake short term training, teaching, research, development of research projects and training materials/modules, administrative duties related to managing postgraduate students as well as other professional activities.

Mobility support during 2016/17 academic year

During this academic year, the project will support short-term placements (6-10 months only) of Master (MSc) and PhD students tenable at SUA, MUHAS, UG and UNZA as well as mobility of staff (1-2 months) to the same institutions. The INTRA-ACP mobility project will therefore provide support in respect to: i) Monthly stipends of Euros (€) 600 and 900, 1000 for MSc, PhD students and staff, respectively ii) Return air ticket (from and to within partner country destinations or other African countries) and iii) Insurance cover. ALL supported students and staff will have to COMPLY with

regulations and policies at the hosting institutions in respect to foreign students and staff e.g. payment of bench fees, research associetship fees etc. The Official end date of EOHMOB Project is July 2017.

The number of mobilities to be supported during 2016/17 are distributed as follows:

Target Group
















Priority will be given to Master students moving from Ghana and Mozambique and; those at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU) and University of Ghana (UG).

‡The doctorate mobility will support PhD students from Target Group 2 (which excludes Ghanaians, Mozambicans, Tanzanians and Zambians).

γStaff mobility applies for both administrative and technical staff working at the partner institutions only i.e. EMU, UG, MUHAS, SUA and UNZA


The mobility support applies to candidates who:

a)Are already registered and pursuing approved1 MSc or PhD degree programmes in home countries and would like to visit partner institutions to pursue a specialized and specific tasks e.g. laboratory work, specialized training, thesis/manuscript writing, laboratory analysis etc. Evidence of admission will be required to support your application.

b)Have secured admission to pursue approved programmes. Evidence of admission will be required to support your application.

c)Employed supporting staff i.e. administrative and technical staff (laboratory technicians/technologists or field officers) who wish to visit partner institutions to undertake specialized training in administrative and technical areas. Evidence of employment will be required to accompany one’s application.

Mode of Application

Those interested in short-term mobility support are highly encouraged to submit their online applications at the project website:

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