Uganda Management Institute Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management(Mbale)

Uganda Management Institute Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management (Mbale)

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management(Mbale)


The Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management is a two semester postgraduate and post-experience course. It is designed to increase technical and professional knowledge and skills in financial management, accountability, budgeting, auditing and financial monitoring for mid-career and senior executives in private, not for profit making organizations, Government Ministries and Departments, Local Governments and public sector organizations.

 The course is comprised of 4 basic, 6 core and 2 electives out of a total of 12 modules. It is modularized to enable participants study at their convenience by either completing the whole course in two semesters or by completing its modules over a period of three (3) consecutive years. Participants who obtain the postgraduate diploma with at least a second-class award may be admitted to the Master in Management Studies (MMS) degree programme (Financial Management option).

 Programme Content:

Basic Modules

Module1: Management Skills Improvement

Module 2:                Quantitative Methods for Decision Making

Module 3:                Management Information Systems

Module 4:                Research Methods

 Core Modules:

Module 5:                Financial Accounting

Module 6:                Management Accounting

Module 7:                Auditing

Module 8:                Strategic Financial Management

Module 9:                Taxation

Module 10:              Corporate and Business Legal Framework


Module 11:              Public Sector Financial Accounting OR Marketing Management

Module 12:              Procurement Management OR Business Policy and Strategic Management


Participants are assessed through classroom exercises, course work and written examinations.

 Tuition Fees:           Evening:  Ug.shs.2, 770,000=

  • Course Code: CODE:FA: 501-18
  • Start Date: Thursday, 01 September 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 29 September 2017
  • School: Business and Management
  • Department: Finance and Accounting
  • Centre: Mbale
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