UNEB UACE General Paper Past Papers Year 2016

By | October 29, 2019
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UNEB UACE General Paper Past Papers Year 2016

Answer one question from this Section
Answers should be between 500 and 800 words in length.

1. ‘The age of consent for girls in Uganda should be reduced to 16 years.’ Discuss.

2. Justify the need for educational reform in Uganda.

3. To what extent have environmental concerns limited development in Uganda?

4. ‘A national Army should not be involved in active politics.’ Discuss.

Answer one question from this section.

5. The People’s Bus Service (PBS) has a fleet of buses plying between Wakabale, the capital city and upcountry towns.

The Bus service operates under the following conditions:

• Each bus must stop at each town for five minutes with or without passengers to drop or pick.
• No bus is allowed to operate before 07.00 hours and beyond 22.00 hours.
• A passenger may travel on any bus belonging to PBS as long as they have a valid ticket.
• The validity of the ticker is open only for the date it is issued.

Below is one day time table showing the depature times for five of the PBS buses plying from the city to the town of Bukone. This route passes through the towns of Konge, Ngocho and Mahanga.









BIRD 411



Wakabale (City) (0km)07.0013.0007.0012.0008.00
Konge (128km)09.0015.3508.0013.3509.15
Ngocho (272km)11.1518.3009.1515.2510.55
Mahanga (362km)13.1520.1510.1516.3011.40
Bukone (412km)13.4521.1510.3017.1012.10

The order of priority for passengers to choose the bus to board is as follows:

  • Age and mechanicalcondition of the bus
  • Driver’s experience
  • Reliability and timeliness4Comfort
  • Speed

    The description of the buses is shown below:

Express 111: is comfortable, has an experienced driver but it is slow and in a poor mechanical condition.

Express 211: has an experienced driver but it is old, slow and very uncomfortable.

Express 311: is new, very fast, reliable, comfortable and it has an experienced driver.

Speed Bird 411: has an inexperienced driver but it somfortable, fast and in a good mechanical condition.

Haraka511: is new, fast, comfortable, with an experienced driver but it is unreliable.


  1. a) Identify the bus with the best overall qualities, according to the passengers. Show your working.
  2. b) Which buses do not make return journey and in which towns do they stay overnight if they are travelling at a constant speed?
  3. c) If one is to leave the city, stop at Ngocho for a 1 ½ hour’s shopping and travel to Bukone for a meeting at 13.00 hours, which bus(es) would one use. Give reasons for your answer.

  1. d) Explain the problems facing road transport in Uganda.


  1. a) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.
  2. b) How different is egalitarianism from the principle of equality?
  3. c) What are the components of the principle of equality?
  4. d) In not more than 100 words, summarize the author’s view of participatory democracy.
  5. e) Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage:
  6. i) democratic ethic                     (line 02 )
  7. ii) paradox                                (line 10)

iii) false barriers                        (line 27)

  1. iv) plurality of human needs      (line 33)
  2. v) well- meaning moralists         (line 44)
  3. vi) amenable                             (line 62)

vii) humanistic idealism             (line 69)

viii) construed                           (line 74)

  1. ix) moral mysticism                   (line 94)
  2. x) anvil of reason                      (line 97)