When Are Schools Opening in Zimbabwe?

When Are Schools Opening in Zimbabwe?

In a significant update from the Ministry of Education, the opening of schools for the first term of 2024 has been adjusted. Initially set for an earlier date, the official start has now been postponed to accommodate the needs of parents and educators, allowing for better preparation for the new term.

  • Official Start Date: Schools in Zimbabwe will officially open on 9th January. This applies to both boarding and day pupils, ensuring that all students start the term on the same day.

The decision to move the opening date was made to give parents additional time to prepare for the new term, addressing concerns around readiness and logistical arrangements for the start of the school year.

For boarding schools, preparations have already begun, with some institutions starting to receive Form One learners over the weekend preceding the official opening day. This staggered approach aids in managing the influx of students and ensures a smooth start to the academic year.

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