Where Is Copper Mined in Zimbabwe?

Where Is Copper Mined in Zimbabwe?

Copper mining in Zimbabwe showcases the country’s rich mineral wealth, with several areas known for their copper deposits. Despite the challenges facing the mining sector, there’s renewed interest in Zimbabwe’s copper resources, signaling potential growth and investment opportunities. Here’s a look at some key locations where copper is mined in Zimbabwe.

Key Copper Mining Locations

Mhangura Copper Mines: Situated in the Mashonaland West Province, Mhangura is one of the most notable copper mining areas in Zimbabwe. Historically, the Mhangura Copper Mines were a significant source of copper in the region.

Mangula Mine: Located in the Mhangura, Makonde District, Mangula Mine is another significant source of copper. It has been a critical player in Zimbabwe’s copper mining industry, contributing significantly to the local and national economy.

Masvingo Province: The Zimbabwe Copper Mine in Masvingo is another example of the country’s copper mining regions. It’s indicative of the widespread distribution of copper deposits throughout Zimbabwe.

Magondi Belt: The Copper Pot Formation, found in the Magondi Belt, is yet another area rich in copper mineralization. This region further underscores the geological diversity and mineral wealth of Zimbabwe.

Recent Developments

Recent investments and exploration by international mining firms, such as the UK’s Marula Mining, highlight the ongoing interest and potential growth in Zimbabwe’s copper mining sector. Marula Mining’s entry into the Zimbabwean market, focusing on copper and lithium prospects, signals a positive outlook for the future of copper mining in the country.

If you’re interested in learning about copper mining in Zimbabwe, here are some websites where you can find more information about copper mines in the country:

  1. Mhangura Copper Mines Ltd – Bloomberg:
    • Provides company profile and news related to Mhangura Copper Mines Ltd.
  2. PorterGeo – Magondi Belt:
    • Information about the Magondi Belt, including Mangula (or Mhangura) and other copper mines in the region.
  3. Marula Mining – NewZwire:
    • Details about Marula Mining, a UK-based company entering the Zimbabwean market with a focus on copper and lithium prospects.
  4. Marula Mining – Mining Weekly:
    • Article discussing Marula Mining’s establishment of a lithium and copper mining subsidiary in Zimbabwe.
  5. Wikipedia – Mhangura:
    • Wikipedia page providing information about Mhangura Copper Mines Ltd, one of the largest copper mines in Zimbabwe.
  6. Mindat – Copper from Mangula Mine:
    • Details about copper production from Mangula Mine in the Makonde District of Zimbabwe.

These websites offer valuable insights into the copper mining industry in Zimbabwe, including historical data, current operations, and future prospects.

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