Where is Iron Mined in Zimbabwe?

Where is Iron Mined in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe, a country rich in minerals and natural resources, hosts several significant iron ore mines that contribute to its economy and the global steel industry. This blog post delves into the key locations where iron is mined in Zimbabwe, providing a glimpse into the country’s mining landscape.

Mwanesi Mine: A Giant in Iron Ore Reserves

The Mwanesi mine, situated in the heart of Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province, stands as a testament to the country’s vast mineral wealth . This large iron mine is pivotal, representing one of Zimbabwe’s largest iron ore reserves. Its contributions are crucial in sustaining local industries and exports.

The Iron Duke Mine: A Northeastern Gem

In the northeastern part of Zimbabwe, approximately 40 km north of Harare, lies the Iron Duke Mine (IDM) . Its strategic location near Mazowe positions it as an important player in the regional mining sector, tapping into the rich hematite-bearing formations.

Buchwa Mine: Hematite Haven

The Buchwa Mine in the Mberengwa District of Midlands is an iconic site known for its hematite-bearing banded iron formations (BIFs) . Though currently abandoned, its past operations have left a legacy of iron ore mining that speaks to Zimbabwe’s potential in the sector.

Dinson Chivhu Iron and Steel Plant: Future Prospects

The Dinson Chivhu iron and steel plant represents the future of iron and steel production in Zimbabwe . Located in Mashonaland, this plant is a beacon of industrial growth and potential, showcasing the ongoing development in the mining and processing of iron ore within the country.

Export Markets and Economic Impact

Zimbabwe’s iron ore mines not only support local industries but also play a significant role in the global market. The country exports iron ore to various destinations, including Mozambique, South Africa, and China, contributing to its economy and the global supply chain .

For those interested in exploring the mining sector in Zimbabwe, here are some valuable resources that offer comprehensive lists and information about the mines operating within the country:

  1. Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe: Provides a detailed list of its members, which includes major mining companies in Zimbabwe like Bindura Nickel Corporation, Zimplats, and Mimosa among others. chamines.co.zw/home/OurMembers/
  2. Wikipedia – Mines in Zimbabwe: Offers categorized information about various mines in Zimbabwe including gold, nickel, and platinum mines. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mines_in_Zimbabwe
  3. The Diggings™ – Mining In Zimbabwe: Lists 245 identified mines in Zimbabwe, with commodities ranging from copper, chromium, to gold. thediggings.com/zwe
  4. GlobalData – Zimbabwe: Five Largest Underground Mines in 2021: Highlights the five largest underground mines in Zimbabwe, detailing their production rates and primary commodities. www.globaldata.com/data-insights/mining/zimbabwe–five-largest-underground-mines-in-2090935/
  5. Mining Zimbabwe – Top Ten operating mines in Zimbabwe 2019: Provides an overview of the top ten operating mines in Zimbabwe as of 2019. miningzimbabwe.com/top-ten-operating-mines-in-zimbabwe-2019/
  6. Wikipedia – Gold Mines in Zimbabwe: Focuses specifically on gold mines operating within Zimbabwe. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Gold_mines_in_Zimbabwe

These resources offer a starting point for anyone looking to delve into the mining industry of Zimbabwe, providing insights into the various minerals mined, the companies involved, and the location of these mines.


Zimbabwe’s iron mining sector is a cornerstone of its economy, offering vast resources that have yet to be fully tapped. From the Mwanesi and Iron Duke mines to the Buchwa Mine and the upcoming Dinson Chivhu plant, the country is poised for growth in the iron and steel industry. As exploration and development continue, Zimbabwe’s iron mines will undoubtedly play an even larger role on the global stage.

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