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Ekurhuleni Computer College Historical Background

Ekurhuleni Computer College Historical Background

Ekurhuleni Computer College Historical Background – See Details Below:

About Us

The College was established in 2009 with a commitment to provide quality education and to contribute positively towards economic solutions in the country (South Africa) in the field of education.




To prepare our learners for the labour market and self employment

Our Mission

In fulfilling the mission Ekurhuleni Computer College, the College sets forth the following objectives which reflect the overall goals of the College.

  • To prepare our Leners for the Labour market and self   employment
  • To provide the students with basic skills which contribute to success in their careers and in their private lives?
  • To lead the student in the self-discovery process of clarifying and raising the individual’s goals and achievements commensurate with the student’s potential.
  • To provide a framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the student’s capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, personal, and business situations.
  • To strive for and maintain excellence in business, specialized, and general education by systematically reviewing classroom facilities, equipment, curricula, and staff.
  • To make available to our students activities and experiences which foster personal growth and leadership qualities that will assist students in their social, vocational, and academic pursuits?
  • To maintain a process of communication with the community of employers to assure relevant curricula to meet the developing needs of the economic community
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