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NMU MCur (Adv Primary Health Care) Coursewrk Full Time

NMU MCur (Adv Primary Health Care) Coursewrk Full Time

Faculty: Health Sciences
Level: Postgraduate
Code: 18005
Duration (full-time): 1 year(s)
Qualification type: 9 (Master’s Degree)
Approval letter(s):
Department of Higher Education and Training (DHeT)


The coursework masters programmes prepare candidates for advanced practice in a specialised field of nursing science and provides an internationally marketable qualification.
The programme consists of practical work, a treatise and the following modules:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Nursing Theories
  • Contemporary Ethical Issues in Nursing
  • Research methodology
  • Treatise
  • Clinical Pharmacology (Nursing)
  • Epidemiologoy
  • Cultural diversity in health and illness in SA
  • Primary Health Care Management
  • Advanced Primary Health Care practica
  • Dynamics in Clinical Nursing
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Requirements for admission

(Please note that these are the specific programme admission requirements – the university has its own minimum admission requirements.)
Unless Senate decides otherwise, candidates shall be admitted to the study for the degree only if they:

  • occupy an approved post or possess appropriate experience;
  • have obtained a mark of at least 60% in the major modules for the Bachelor’s degree. Candidates may be required to supplement their knowledge to the satisfaction of the Head of the Department;
  • have been approved as candidates for the degree by the Health Sciences Faculty Research, Technology and Innovation Committee, on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of Nursing Science;
  • hold a four-year Bachelor of Nursing degree or a qualification deemed by Senate to be equivalent; or
  • have been admitted to the status of such degree on the grounds of a three-year Bachelor’s degree, meet the professional registration requirement and such additional requirements as may be determined by Senate.
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Career fields

  • Nurse

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  1. Good day I would like to study Masters in primary health care nusing starting July 2022, can you please send the necessary requirements


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