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University of the Free State UFS Day Residences

University of the Free State UFS Day Residences

University of the Free State UFS Day Residences – Check below:

A day residence is a residence that consists of students who live off-campus in private homes, student houses, townhouses, flats, rooms, etc. Students who are members of day residences must arrange their own accommodation off campus.

If you do not live on campus, a day residence gives you the opportunity to participate in organised student activities. It is very important to us that you have the opportunity to develop as a complete person by participating in academic and non-academic activities on campus. With day residences, you can participate in all activities offered in campus residences.

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If you live off campus, you are free to decide whether you want to join one of the day residences or not. Each day residence has a gazellie (or a large lounge with a kitchen and bathroom) on the campus, where the ‘residents’ have residence meetings, study, or simply socialise.

A residence head and a residence committee oversee each day residence. These people

are responsible for managing day residences and

seeing to it that all activities offered are taking place in line with the vision, mission, and

values of the university.

The day residences on the Bloemfontein Campus are:

North College: Veritas

South College: Marjolein

East College: Sonnedou

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West College: Imperium

Central College: Kagiso

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