South Africa Department of Health Internships

South Africa Department of Health Internships

Are you keen on working within the health care industry?
Do you find you have a passion and the ability to care for others and make a difference in their lives?
Then this is the ideal career path for you. The health department of South Africa aims at providing assistance to all citizens to live a long and healthy life. A career within the health industry can also be very rewarding, as well as one in nursing. Nursing contains many other fields except for just simply attending to a patients needs as a bedside nurse.
The Department aims to not only educate the workforce within the medical industry, but also the public in leading healthy lives. They aim at preventing, as well as fighting diseases with proper access, efficiency, quality and equity delivered to all communities.
As a nurse it is necessary to tend to your community be they an individual or groups using your educational skills and your personal talents. The South African nursing council which is a statutory health professional council regulates the nursing profession.
Here are some of the colleges accepted by the Department. Excelsior Nursing College in the North West province, offers nurses to be trained and educated, this training is recognized in South Africa and in most countries worldwide. This is accomplished by the proper training approach and the adding of new technology.
The main campus in Klerksdorp which is associated with the North West University in Potchefstroom.  This connection gives the university campus the standards in which college must adhere to. The North West Provincial Department of Health recognizes the college as a Nursing Educational Institute.
They offer qualifying candidates a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience within the medical field through their learnerships.

South Africa Department of Health Internships Available

Applicants intending to apply for a learnership with this Government Department must be interested in following a career within the medical field.
Applicants can look to apply within the following fields:

  • Community Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Psychiatry
  • General Nursing

Depending on Province and District, some of these learnership opportunities will be for a 12 month period only, where others can stretch over 4 years.

South Africa Department of Health Internships Requirements

Applicants ready to move on and into a career field within the health industry will be required to adhere to all stipulations as set out by the Department. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 are preferred.
Applicants must have the following:

  • Candidates must be a citizen of South African
  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid ID document
  • Applicants must hold a valid Matric / Grade 12 certificate
  • Applicants must stay within the area they are applying in
  • Applicants must not be employed
  • Applicants must be proficient in English, read, write and speak
  • Applicants with Life Science and Biology subjects will be beneficial
  • Applicants must be computer literate

Applicants with the following attributes and/or competencies are preferred:

  • Applicants with a love of people and great patience
  • Applicants with problem solving abilities
  • Applicants with leadership and organizational skills
  • Applicants who can keep calm during pressure and crisis
  • Applicants who are flexible with a touch of humor
  • Applicants with great life skills, compassion and a caring nature
  • Applicants with a love for studying
  • Applicants that are honest and reliable

Applicants will need to sign a learnership agreement with the department for the duration of their program. Included in this opportunity may be lectures, training and even some studying. Candidates will be required to work at Government hospitals and/or clinics for the duration of their learnership and may be asked to work shifts, weekends or holidays.

South Africa Department of Health Internships Application

Department of Health learnership applications online is not accessible. Interested candidates can download the Application form when it becomes available, or collet one from their nearest Department of Health. Candidates must complete this form and submit it with all relevant documentation to the Department of Health within their area.
Each Province is divided into Districts and each of these will have a number of intakes for learnerships available. Candidates are encouraged to consult their nearest Department of Health for information concerning open learnerships and the fields.
Please note that applications send by e-mail, registered mail or fax will not be accepted. Applications must be delivered to your local Department of Health office. All certified documentation will be verified by the Department. Candidates with a disability are also welcome to apply.
Only applicants who make the short list will be contacted. These will be required to partake in a series of assessments and a shorter list will be compiled. Those remaining on the shortest list will be interviewed. Therefore applicants who have not heard anything within a month or two after closing date of applications, may deem their application as being unsuccessful.
Applicants who are successful will be required to complete a medical examination, medical surveillance and also a security verification process.

South Africa Department of Health Internships Closing Date

The closing date of learnerships provided by the Department will differ according to the province you are in. Some provinces close early yearly as in February, where others only close their applications in May.
Applicants must ensure all documentation is valid, certified and attached to their application. Applications must be signed by the applicant and all fields completed in full. With these learnerships the Department of Health intends to supply professionals throughout all Provinces within public service.
If your passion is to help those around you and care for the sick, then you may be on the right path. Good luck to all applicants, may your dreams become a reality.

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