University of Namibia Computer Science

University of Namibia Computer Science

UNAM Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is striving to be a regional Centre of Excellence in developing computing knowledge and expertise that is appropriate for transitioning Namibia into a knowledge-based economy. Our mission is to equip our graduates with requisite skills in computing that will enable them to start professional careers that transcend the fast evolving technology and discipline. We are continuously improving our curriculum and upgrading our skills to ensure that our graduates attain the expected level of mastery to output inventive products and carry out innovative research that will benefit the national and regional contexts.
At the moment, the Department is busy expanding its offerings and breaking new grounds. Apart from the traditional subfields of Programming, Networking and Databases that we have previously focused on, we are also thinking of introducing new, but essential qualifications in Software Engineering, Information Systems and Cyber Security. Our postgraduate programs are also increasing, and unique offerings that will accommodate both full time and part time students are expected by 2015.

University of Namibia Computer Science Courses Offered

UNAM Diploma in Computer Science
UNAM Bachelor of Computer Science
UNAM Bachelor of Information Technology
UNAM Master of Science in Information Technology
Contacts for Details

+ 264 61 2063348
+264 61 2063791
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