List Of Catholic Founded Schools In Uganda 2024-2025

List Of Catholic Founded Schools In Uganda 2024-2025

A Catholic school is a parochial school or education ministry of the Catholic Church. As of 2011, the Catholic Church operates the world’s largest non-governmental school system. In 2016, the church supported 43,800 secondary schools, and 95,200 primary schools. Catholic schools participate in the evangelizing mission of the Church, integrating religious education as a core subject within their curriculum.

Below are the List Of Catholic Founded Schools In Uganda

Adilang Secondary School

Adumi Secondary School

Agweng Secondary School

Aidan College School

Akura Seed Secondary School

Alemere Comprehensive Secondary School

All Saints Secondary School

All Saints Secondary School Ociba

Amwa Comprehensive Secondary School

Angal Secondary School

Apostles Of Jesus Seminary

Aputi Secondary School

Arch Bishop Bakyenga Vocational Secondary School

Archbishop Flynn Secondary School

Archbishop Kiwanuka Secondary Schools

Archbishop Odongo James College

Aria Secondary School

Aripea Secondary School

Asili Girls Vocational Secondary Schools

Atyak Secondary School

Bilbao Secondary School

Bishop Angelo Tarantino Memorial Secondary School

Bishop Callist Mpungu Community Secondary School

Bishop Comboni College, Kambuga

Bishop Federicus Secondary School

Bishop Ogez High School

Bishop Robert Nyanja Secondary School

Bishop Robert Vocational Secondary School

Bishop Wandera Girls Secondary School

Blessed Comboni Secondary School,kigumba

Blessed Damian Secondary School

Blessed Jildo Irwa $ Daudi Oilelo

Blessed Mother Theresa Coll.

Blessed Sacrament Secondary Schools. Kayayumbe

Bubangizi Secondary Schools

Bubukwanga Secondary School

Budadiri Girls Secondary School

Budini Secondary Schools.

Buhara Secondary School

Bukalasa Seminary

Bukanga Ss

Buluguyi Secondary School

Buryansungwe Secondary School

Busalamu Secondary School

Bushwere Secondary School

Buswale Secondary School

Butiiti Centenary S S

Butogota Trinity College

Caltec Academy

Card E. Wamala Vocational Secondary School

What is the purpose of a Catholic school?

The purpose of the schools was and is to provide Catholic instruction and development. Large numbers of men and women, educated at minimum cost to their parents in Catholic schools, have abandoned the practice and support of their faith.

What do you learn in a Catholic school?

The leaders, teachers and students are required to focus on four fundamental rules initiated by the Church and school. This includes the Catholic identity of the school, education in regards to life and faith, celebration of life and faith, and action and social justice.

Do you have to be a Catholic to go to a Catholic school?

Most important, along with academics, many parents say, is that Catholic schools provide discipline and instruct students in morals and values through their religious teaching. Non-Catholic pupils are required to take Catholic religion classes, and attend Mass, although they do not take Communion.

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