Child Rights Research Fellowships in India

Child Rights Research Fellowships in India.

Child Rights Research Fellowships in India

Child Rights and You (CRY) welcomes applications from interested individuals in exploring the various dimensions of child rights through research.

As an organisation, CRY is committed to changing the way children experience childhood by being strategic in our choice of issues, approaches and utilization of resources to maximize our impact on children.

Through this research fellowship, CRY seeks a combination of formal and informal approaches to explore and discover simple and complex truths about the interplay of culture, ethics and policies determining childhoods.

It believes in encouraging a community of child rights researchers who will promote & advocate for child rights.

The names of researchers awarded the Fellowship are announced in November.

Focus Areas

Researchers are welcome to expand and interpret themes, based on their experiences and larger vision for ensuring child rights.


  • Various aspects of children and childhoods and their relationship with other stakeholders such as peers, parents, family, community and state.
  • Researching child rights focused thematic – child health, child nutrition, child protection and child development.
  • Role of children in decision making arenas such as home, school, community etc.
  • Exploring and examining in depth agency of the child and learning child participation.
  • Understanding relationship between ethnicity, inequality and conflict experienced by children.
  • Evidence building on any form of child rights violations.Funding Information

    Up-to 5 fellowships ranging from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1 lakh will be awarded. Fellows are free to continue their primary occupation.

    The fellowship grant will be released in installments against specific deliverables. CRY will not fund any capital expenditure incurred by the fellow.


    The duration of the fellowship is one year.


    Research findings will be made available to activists, academics, development practitioners and interested general public through multiple forums, including language translations to influence the course of the debate on child rights and the best interest principle.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Applicants should be Indians residing in India, above the age of 18 years. If your proposal is part of a submission to any academic institution or if you are already receiving funding for conduct of the research proposed, it will be ineligible for this fellowship.


    Applicants may choose to work in any Indian language including English. Your application needs to clearly mention the language in which you will submit the report.

    As the assessment of your research proposal will be conducted in English, please also include an English translation of the proposal, CV and writing sample.


    While fellows will retain authorship of the final research report and content, all information and insights gathered will be made available to the widest group of people, free of cost.

    Fellows are free to publish the insights of their research efforts, with appropriate acknowledgement to the National Child Rights Research Fellowship and CRY. Fellows will also inform CRY about publication of their work.

    How to Apply

    Please e-mail applications at the address given on the website.

    Apply by 20th September.


    For more information and application details, see; Child Rights Research Fellowships in India

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